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"It Is Absolutely "Critical" That You Do Not Get Another Tattoo or Visit Any Tattoo Artist Until You've Read Every Single Word On This Page!" 

From: Dewayne Hill

Dear Fellow Tattoo Lover:

You know as well I as do that tattoos enhance your appearance and sometimes even make your love life better but things can also go horribly wrong!

With the proper dose of knowledge and the right tattoo artist...

  • Any selected tattoo will work...
  • Any tattoo parlor will do...
  • Any body part can get inked...

You already have ideas about what kind of tattoo design you want which means that all you need is the valuable information that celebrity singers, rappers and actors have to make absolute correct decisions.

Celebs Don't Take Chances!! 

You are probably reading this page because you are thinking about a new tattoo and need some unique tattoo ideas OR you already have lots of tattoos and just want to make sure you made the right moves and can protect your bodily investment...

Well search no more because we have put together an awesome package of tattoo secrets and high quality tattoo designs for YOU!

The Complete Tattoo Secrets Guide and Inked e-books were put together by us for people like YOU who care about what they choose to have tattooed onto them. People who can't afford to make a mistake when it comes to their body. These ebooks are filled with professional designs ready to be Inked and knowledge to accompany them!

The e-books are jam packed full of THOUSANDS of top-notch tattoo designs over HUNDREDS of pages. Whether this is your first tattoo or fiftieth tattoo you will still find something here. Not only does The Tattoo Secrets e-book and Inked promise to deliver some of the BEST tattoo designs hand-picked by HIGHLY EXPERIENCED and PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS but you also will learn how to get a customized tattoo that is unique to you JUST LIKE THE STARS!

Celebs are the elite on the list of tattoo artist and that means they have all the inside tips to protect their bodies. But now you can learn how to get inked correctly like the stars! 

Just Imagine Having Exclusive Custom Tattoos That People Including Family and Friends Will Love and Talk About As Long As You Live!

It is common knowledge in tattooing circles that almost a quarter of people who get NEW tattoos regret their decisions less than 5 years after being inked. These tattoo artists are on the frontline and are constantly being asked to do cover-ups and to recommend laser treatment for the people who did rushed jobs!

THE RESULT: It costs 10 times as much to get a tattoo removed than to get it done in the first place. Hmmm food for thought...

...Lets face it you want a tattoo that has special meaning to you and has enduring qualities.

rihanna tattoo  Rihanna - Has tattoos on her neck, down her side the arm and even the finger. (Find out what general advice doctors say about tats like this).
 John Mayer - Rocks arm tattoos that get madd exposure to the sun and cost a pretty penny. (How do you guard tattoos against the sunlight?)
 Soulja Boy - Made a million dollars just for displaying his custom tattoos on tour. (Avoid greenish fading tattoos that don't pop.)
 Keisha Cole - Displayed the tattoos she got inked while recording her Reality TV Show which put madd money in her pocket! (Wall flash art means nothing in a tattoo parlor...find out why!!)

You don't have to be ultra rich to get the same quality ink as superstars. You definitely don't have to have buckets of money to protect your number one investment...YOU!

We have compiled all the information you need to make sure of that.

Hopefully you are paying attention because if you make a mistake it will cost hundreds of dollars to correct it if it's even correctable!

I purchased this ebook so I could make sure that when I got my tattoo with my best friend Carol we would not regret our decision. WOW! We both learned so much!

Man I learned more about tattoos from downloading Tattoo Secrets than I ever knew and I have had tattoos for over 15 years! There is well over 1,000 designs in the BONUS ebooks that really impressed me too!
David S.

Whoa! I was skeptical at first but I decided to get this top notch information anyway and BAM! I have not regretted my decision yet and it has been 5 months. I'm still referring back to some of the things I read before I get my next tattoo.
Chanika B.

That smile you see on my face is because the Tattoo Secrets ebook gave me so much inside information on ink that I am getting 6 more tats. Hell I'm having trouble choosing from the madd crazy selections they provide in the package. Good lookin'.
Mark C.

Crazy But True Stories...

A woman named 'Sue' wanted a Japanese kanji tattoo that said FREE as in FREEDOM. She went to her local tattoo artist who pulled the design 'off the wall'. She spent an hour getting the tattoo done on her shoulder. Afterwards she proudly flashed her new tattoo throughout the summer.

One day she bumped into a mutual acquaintance. He looked at her tattoo and started smiling. Turns out this guy taught Japanese to adults and was not only fluent in Chinese and Japanese but understood kanji script. He rather embarrassingly explained to the girl that her tattoo really meant FREE OF CHARGE! That explains why she was getting weird looks whenever she walked around Chi' town!

In another story a woman got a tattoo of Betty Boop on her ankle a few years ago. At the time she thought it was cute. She no longer identifies with the character of Betty Boop. After 10 hours of excruciating laser surgery and getting soaked for $7,000+ she still hasn't fully removed the small tattoo that took ONLY 10 minutes to choose in the tattoo studio.

* Important - Don't wait until you are in the studio before you choose a design!

Jam Packed With 1000's of Tattoo Designs!

Some of the quality tattoo designs you will receive include:

Animal Tattoos

American Traditional Tattoos

Black and Grey Tattoos

Celtic Tattoos

Dragon Tattoos

Fantasy Tattoos

Japanese Tattoos

Native American Tattoos

New School Tattoos

Old School Tattoos

Tribal Tattoos

Thousands more tattoo designs...

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Tattoo Secrets

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