britney's fairy tattoo

britney's fairy tattoo

britney's fairy tattoo

britney’s fairy tattoo is not all that hot if you ask me. It’s a little girl with some wings and it just seems to be to pale in color. If you are going to get some ink on your skin Britney you need to go all out and get the vivid colors. Why play around with pastel on your skin tone? Don’t get me wrong though it does the job of enhancing her somewhat flat and untoned butt. She has really let herself go lately too so it’s worse than when she was a younger 21 tear old woman. Oh well.

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  2. nic says:

    For godsake .. Britney’s tattoo is crap .. ya .. but shut the hell up about her but and her letting herself go … she can do what she wants .. she wasn’t put on the earth to please you .. sorry to disappoint u jumped up idiot … she looks great to me … i suppose you look just perfect .. yeh .. right LOL .. god u people make me sick ..

  3. Ani says:

    Nic.. good point. i was about to comment everything you just said.

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