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Kenyon Martin Lips Tattoo

Kenyon Martin of the Denver Nuggets has a lot of tattoos but it’s the tattoo of the lips that’s got people talking in the world of ink. Some are saying that he got those red lips for his girlfriend and hip hop female rap star Trina. Kenyon says that they are not for her and [...]


Kobe Bryant Tattoos

With this guy being the closest thing to Michael Jordan the Kobe Bryant Tattoos on his arm are are popular as ever. Some people have even tatted themselves up with his face or his Lakers number because they are such a fan. Kobe keeps his tattoo markings traditional green with no other colors involved. You [...]


Allen Iverson Tattoos

This basketball player never had these ink markings when he was at Georgetown but now Allen Iverson Tattoos are part of his celebrity. From The Philadephia 76er’s to the Denver Nuggets to now the Detroit Pistons they will forever be in magazines or on websites. They are about as famous as his braids and hairstyles [...]