Chris Brown Tattoo's

Chris Brown Tattoos

Chris Brown Tattoo’s were a sign and an act that he pulled to show people mainly fans that he had grown up and become a man. I’m sure you have read this especially when he started dating Rihanna and they got those stars tatted up around the neck and for her down the back as well.

Chris has them mixed up pretty good too with Religious Tattoos and some skull image tats. I wonder how many he will get before his career in music is over.

What does Chris Brown know about Tattoos that you don’t?

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41 Responses to “Chris Brown Tattoo's”

  1. [...] though. Rihanna has tattoos on her finger, arm and her hip area. The hip tat is sexy as hell too. Chris Brown who is another tatted up singer must love looking at [...]

  2. kayla says:

    i dont think chris should have the same tatto as rehanna

  3. samantha says:

    dey r soo kwl
    i want da stars one

  4. jade says:

    so sexy i love bois with tats on ther neck and you looking good there love you number 1 fan jade s johnson

  5. zoe says:

    well chris brown should meet me… he would like me .. ..his tattoo instead on rihanna should be with me =)

  6. natasha kidd says:

    I got a tatoo just like chris tat but i had mine before him so we match just like him and rihanna

  7. DEIONDRA says:


  8. chris says:

    that jesu stat is sick and the skull ones 2

  9. andrea says:

    getn tats dosent proove that youre becoming older anyone can get a tattoo it really dosent mean n-e-thing .

  10. marcia says:

    kiss chris

  11. Briana says:

    !The star tat goes so hard cant wait till I get mine but im geting my star tat on my wrist!

  12. RaQUel says:

    Hey i just wanna kno if your TATz have a meaning??
    and why you and Rihanna got the same ones i dont think you should have cause its not like yall gone be together forevr

  13. kingston gal says:

    pity we don’t know what the future holds in store for them. would be a pity if they broke up… note the star tattoos.. n e way good for them she’s pretty he is cute they match…

  14. Jada says:

    Chris iS S3XY an awll MiN3zZ…::…
    FALL BAK RihANNA aN dA OThA BiTcH3zZ DaT CaNt G3T HiM…
    hahahaha…im PlayyiN:)

  15. princess says:

    now they not together but i think its dumb how they are treatin chris brown dey aint do bobby and whintey like or ike or tina so why start it nw but i love the tattz chris and rihanna stay strong and gurl things hapn he does have a livin to i knw youre hurt

  16. norbert says:

    maybe he should get a beat up rihanna tattooed on his forehead, that way, every time he looks in the mirror he will be reminded of the sick animal that he is!

  17. antoinette says:

    i like the tattos that chrisbrown got on him he look good with them on him

  18. well his career isn’t over i would did the samething i mean she hit him first so what he was just gone let her hit him in the face i would beat the bitch ass myself he had the rigth to do so she was big in dad to hit him she big in bad to get hit back

  19. evey says:

    yea u lil b*tch antoinette you have some nerve saying that bull shit about rihanna i dont give a rats a*s if she hit him with an umbrealla he had no rite to hit her baq…one of his manly punches is about four of her slaps…f*ck you deadass nd mind ur business cuz u dont know wat the fuck your talkin bout bitch you wasnt there i wish yur ass was in that car instead of ri ri nd let him bite ur ugly a*s face wit his big ass monster teeth…i dont git y evey1 makes such a big deal out of him n.e waiis he pissed the bed til he was like 16…piece of shit i hate him…rihaana stay strong u alwaiis have my support even if you did make the stupid decision to take him baq….sms

  20. JB biggest fan says:

    i hate chris brown eww he sux!!
    i loove the jonas brothers the rock!!!

  21. janet says:

    hey i love chris brown…n i dont care what he still ur number one fan…i love dis guy n i would give anythin to meet him..i love ill ur songs..i love his tattos…i think his da best singer ever..i love chris brown..

  22. aj706 says:

    I just hope that he doesnt go ink crazy and end up looking ridiculous like lil wayne. talent is great, but is it necessary to look like a freak? Chris is too fine for all that unecessary nonsense.

  23. mizz. brown says:

    i think chris brown tattoo’s iz soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy i would luv 2 touch is tattoo’s and i got the same tattoo as him(star)

  24. ur tatoo is so sexy illove u marry usssssssssssss plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz babyyyyyyy

  25. Miz.Goon says:

    Chris and Ri Ri havin da same tatoo is really cute but they r over now i thought they made a really cute couple.Nice tatoos.

  26. malin says:

    I have the stars tatoos :D

  27. brebre says:

    okay frst of all i dnt thnk its rite tht all of da ppl r lyke baggin on chris cuz he made a mistake. okay it was rong but get over it now. i mean ur juss gonna hate him cuz he hit sassy ass rihanna?? no offense it was rong & all but wat can we do about it??

  28. bubbles says:

    i love &’d miss chris brown, i think he should come back an show people that he’s a changed man, and better than before. . . . rihanna know she wrong for what she did so im not even getting into that . but i remember how i use to be so in love wit chris; &’d he told us fans that he didnt want a girlfriend because he wanted to stay true to his fans . . . . &’d when i heard that girl rihanna went out with chris, it hurt me. im not mad at chris one bit . But i just want to say that people should let him breathe &’d live his life. …….. ily chris brown……

  29. WUN FLY MAMACiTA says:

    im qettinq tha Starz Behind ma Earz soOnn :]
    &; i LOVE chris Brownn , hez ma hubBiie .!

  30. Princess D says:

    kk missz evey yur actin like yu was dere….nobody on here knowsz da real story so none of yu shud talk…yes chris brown beat up rihanna ass buh he probly had a reason…dere’sz reason 4 everything….buh da thing is he said srry nd thingsz so y dunt yu let da fukin man be nd live yur life clearly datsz wat rihanna is doin nd so is chris brown so stop actin like a cattiesz nd mi yur own damn business!!!!

  31. karla says:

    k lindos tus tatoajes

  32. lilmizzjarii13 says:

    i luv chris brown no matt wat… a lot of people say dey love him but once dey heard wat he did that dont mean dat u shouldnt love him anymore… rihanna shouldnt never put a hand on him no matt wat..

  33. MrsBass says:

    I wanna do the stars 2,only in black colour,its so cool,I adore stars and it looks sexy on him :P

  34. phillip says:

    chris tattoos are awesome i think they are cool even if it is the same as rihannas

  35. christine mcbrown says:

    luv da tats chris specialy da starz,gt da sam.

  36. Msclover says:

    Chris B is the best. pls stop hating

  37. Alma Sabanovic says:

    I love Chris’s Tottoosss hehe
    I want da stars oneĀ“
    I love it :D
    Its fuck*ng amasing

  38. shay williams says:

    chris brown looks better with the tatooos on his neck!!! rihanna is a biter why she even get the same tatoo as chris !!! shes so anoying!!

  39. Nelly Baby says:

    Chris Brown iz sooooooooooo hot!! The tatooz r like icing on da cake… carmel cake at that11

  40. NellyB@B!! says:

    I luv Chris Brown. I dont care wat he did, i will ALWAYZ b his numba 1 fan, foreva n for alwayz. Luv u CB wit ur gorgeous self!! <3

  41. Chris Brown's Girl says:

    So, you guys forgot a tattoo the one at his neck, the big star. Don’t you guys see it in the “with you” video?

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