Green Star Tattoo Bottom of Foot

Green stars at the bootom of foot

Green stars at the bottom of foot

Normally tattoos on the feet are on the top and not the bottom. That is what makes this tattoo very unique not to mention it’s on the bottom of a guys foot. Females are notorious for getting tats on their feet but this dude breaks that up just a little. Not sure what he was thinking when he did this but hey whatever floats his boat.

7 Responses to “Green Star Tattoo Bottom of Foot”

  1. Alexis says:

    I don’t think thats a real tatoo. you can see something else in green (faint) and if it is a tattoo it is very poor work.

  2. Tpott says:

    I was considering a tattoo, or a Mattel tattoo on the bottom of my foot.

  3. Ryder says:

    umm this isnt real.
    tattoos on the bottom of the foot are not allowed because in some parts of the world you will either be killed or something, i cant remember, but when i was getting my 4th tattoo the artits was telling me about that because i asked if anyone has ever gotten one on the bottom of the foot

  4. mr b says:

    thats definetly not a tattoo looks more like a carioca drawing…

  5. Samantha says:

    umm no they definitely aren’t banned everywhere because my friend got a tattoo on the bottom of her foot when she was in Jamaica

  6. Amanda says:

    Tattoo’s on the bottom of the feet are not illegal, commonly artists will refuse to do them because they wear away over time, because you WALK ON YOUR FEET. And whether you decide to go to a country where you will be killed because of tattoo’s on the bottom of your feet (do they check?) that’s your discretion, not the artists. But we can do the tattoo, but just so you know. complete waste of time, kind of like the inside of your lip… and the picture looks pretty real, its just already started to wear away. happy hunting for artists.

  7. Kerry says:

    this tat is real, poorly done, but real. you can tell by dithe crappy lining on the big star and the shading is shady as well.

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