gurdian angel tattoos

Guardian Angel Tattoos

Guardian Angel Tattoos

What is your definition of gurdian angel tattoos and how does your look. Yeah, I know I spelled Guardian wrong but my readers know I’m not a great typist so I just roll with the flow and don’t edit to show you I’m not perfect. Anyway check out these angel tattoo pictures I cam across. They are really detailed and have a special tone to them especially the shading. That is really hard to do with ink on skin. My favorite is the Angel in the middle who is placing his foot on what appears to be a demon neck. Now that’s what’s up.

5 Responses to “gurdian angel tattoos”

  1. Tanisha Nelson says:

    Yes i was wondering do yall have a
    copy of that tattoo that chirs brown
    has the one with the two demons on it?

  2. steven says:

    i like the third angel tattoo. is there any way i get get that?
    the one where shes looking to the side in the rather exposing dress

  3. Kay Wright says:

    I recently got the third angel (far right) tattoo’d on my side.
    I absolutely love her.

  4. josie says:

    I Love It! <3 =}

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