Keyshia Cole Tattoos

Tattoos on Keyshia Cole

Tattoos on Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole is sexy and has pushed her way through foster care as depicted on “The Way It Is” reality show that frequently displays her tattoos as well. She has been working out in the gym so the arm tattoo is looking really good on the young guns. Not sure what she means by the stick dagger through the heart but I think it means hers has been ruined. Keyshia has been though a lot and has overcome much but she has a long way to go. I see more ink as this transition occurs.

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  1. Keyshia Cole is definitely one sexy woman. I personally find women with tattoos incredibly attractive. Love the site!

  2. bob rubinass says:

    yall need a dagger tat on your shin ive been looking all over the place and am unable to find one!!! im desperate here! c’mon

  3. hi my name is zadora and im your number one fan i have your albums a different me , the way it is and just like u i love hearing your music you are a inspiration to me keyshia and ive been through alot with my mother situation as well keep doing what u doing and congrats on your first child!!!!!

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