Lloyd The Singer Tattoos

Lloyd The Singer Tattoos

Lloyd The Singer Tattoos

You would think that a guy that reminds you of Gonzo from the muppets would have a cartoon tattoos or something but no way. Lloyd The Singer Tattoos consist of tigers and bird wings. They are pretty detailed too. The tats cover Lloyd’s chest, stomach and arms. They show up pretty well being that he is a light skinned individual. No matter how many he decides to get Multi-Millionaire Irv Gotti who signed him won’t care. Apparently being inked up doesn’t hurt an RnB singers image.

5 Responses to “Lloyd The Singer Tattoos”

  1. stacey says:

    i am stacy no need for last names any way i am in love with lloyd he is all i think about pleaseeeeeeeeeee come to 4150 erskine i really need to see you one day, i just need to see a glimps of you to satify this feeling of HOPES and DREAMS so i beg you just come visit im 14 years old i dont love you like that just as a fan well if you cant come just call 208-1328

  2. Brandi Butler says:

    I love all of Lloyds tattoos. i love Lloyd too! Lloyd is going to be my future husband one day!

  3. Brandi Butler says:

    Answer one question for me Lloyd! Why are you so sexy!!!!! I love your song Players prayer! You are my favorite singer in the whole wide world.

  4. yvonne says:

    lloyd i love your tattows somuch were do you get your tattow done at from yvonne.

  5. mary says:

    this is mean who knows wat u look like and u need 2 stop talkin about ppl u dnt even no atleast he makin money can u say so 4 urself!

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