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dragon an tiger tattoo picture

Always fun to write about a dragon an tiger tattoo picture especially when they are vivid in color like these two. I watch animal planet all the time along with National Geographic and I love it when I see any of these animals. Those that place them on their arms or backs are absolutely awesome [...]


chinese black dragon temporary tattoo

If you don’t like pain but still want to be cool just get a chinese black dragon temporary tattoo. Trust me these are great and you don’t have to be under a needle for hours. You can get all the same attention an authentic and colorful lower back dragon tattoo would get. Plus the price [...]


back chinese dragon lower tattoo

The back chinese dragon lower tattoo is one of the worst tats to get in terms of pain. If you get this ink done correctly it will extend upwards toward your shoulders. This is not a standard type lowerback tattoo. Chinese dragons are grand and require a lot of ink and colors. Most people can’t [...]