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Hey Guys, Quick update. I've just tagged all the categories with anew post about an awesome deal on some great numbing creams from the guys at Deeveeant Numb. We're gonna be shooting an email to you real soon, with some coupons to use for discount on top of their already great prices.

It's a great cream. Check it out here

They guys ship out orders daily, and if you've got any questions they are happy to help. Contact here

Cheers Ladies and Gents…Big refurbish of the site underway.

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Thinking of getting a tattoo? Need some inspiration?

You have come to the right place. This site was created to help inspire all the tattoo lovers across the web with unique ideas for their next tattoo.

In this site you will find hundreds of unique examples of the most popular tattoos from zodiac symbol tattoos – Capricorn, Libra, Gemini & more. Look out for butterfly, cross, angel, flower, star, dragon, lower back, celtic, tribal and gangsta tattoos.

You can also find pictures of the latest celebrity tattoos on your favorite stars. Actors, actresses, singers, rappers, and athletes, you name it. These celebrity tattoos range from good to bad to downright outrageous! Although you probably wouldn't want to get the same tattoo that some of these stars have they are extremely entertaining and inspirational never the less.

To Navigate this Site: Simply click on any of the category links located along the right hand column of the page. You can also do a search for a particular type of tattoo by using the search box located on the top right of this page.

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