Update on TattooLoaders, redesigning the site, and deals on numbing cream

Hey Guys,

How's it goin'

It's been a little while since I updated things here at tattooloaders.com

But not to worry. I've been talking to a buddy of mine over at Deeveeant Numb. They've got this new cream out to numb your skin if your getting some work done. We've all seen similar products no doubt.

What sets this apart is the value you get and the time it numbs. I tried it, got about 3 and a bit hours. And the thing is is didn't "slowly" wear off. Stayed pretty complete numbing the whole time. Anyway, thought you guys might wanna check it out.

The guys at Deeveeant & I have managed to strike up a deal for y'all. That's in addition to the refurbishment you're gunna see here at tattooloaders.

So why not check out their new site, just launched. The video is pretty cool too.

Over the next few months we're gunna be bringing you some awesome deals from Deeveeant Numb, so why not check it out here.





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