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Chinese Cherry Blossom Tattoo

I have never seen the combination of a cherry blossom tattoo with a chinese styled lettering on a back before. It looks weird because if you look close you can see the pores on the back of this person. (HA!) Fooled ya' those are not pores they are details of the flower…they look like part [...]


Blue Green Dragon Back Tattoo

You have to be strong to get a Blue Green Dragon Back Tattoo because not only does it take a long time but it will hurt like hell when you commit to getting it. Normally you see these on Japanese men but occasionally like you see here a woman steps up to the plate. The [...]


The Dream Neck and Back Tattoos

The Dream is a singer and writer and has a neck and arm tattoo that is inked in green. There are many rnb artist that are women who have seen them but lately it seems to be Christina Milian. I first saw the tats this entertainer wears on the video shoot on the song he [...]