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Update on TattooLoaders, redesigning the site, and deals on numbing cream

Hey Guys,

How's it goin'

It's been a little while since I updated things here at tattooloaders.com

But not to worry. I've been talking to a buddy of mine over at Deeveeant Numb. They've got this new cream out to numb your skin if your getting some work done. We've all seen similar products no doubt.

What sets this apart is the value you get and the time it numbs. I tried it, got about 3 and a bit hours. And the thing is is didn't "slowly" wear off. Stayed pretty complete numbing the whole time. Anyway, thought you guys might wanna check it out.

The guys at Deeveeant & I have managed to strike up a deal for y'all. That's in addition to the refurbishment you're gunna see here at tattooloaders.

So why not check out their new site, just launched. The video is pretty cool too.

Over the next few months we're gunna be bringing you some awesome deals from Deeveeant Numb, so why not check it out here.





Tattoos for Girls

tattoos for girls

tattoos for girls

Check out the small gallery of tattoos for girls that we have put together so that you can see where they like to place them. Tats on the lowerback, breast and stomach are usually where a girl places ink on her body. She knows that it's where men are looking so they use the image to enhance their feature.

Tatts on the lower back look great, but it is a sensitive area to have work. We find using a numbing cream works great to cut out any pain.



Picture of Rapper Plies Tattoos

Picture of Rapper Plies Tattoos

Rapper Plies tattoos are pretty simple but he does have many of them to make up for the lack of intricate detail. Hip Hop artist have ink as part of their street image and swag so of course Plies would have them. Fans get a chance to see his tats often as it gets pretty hot down in Florida and he frequently has his shirt off at shows or the beach. What else would you expect being in Miami and Dade County. That's where many people got a chance to see Rick Ross and his belly full of tattoos.

Rick man…Did you use a numbing cream for your tattoos?


Rest In Peace Michael Jackson Tattoos

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson Tattoos

Michael Jackson tattoos are very emotional for some, rest in peace to the King of Pop music. The world will miss the sheer amount of talent that this entertainer once brought to the stages world wide. His music lives on forever and for some his memory is presnt with them everyday.

Vampire Tattoos That Rock!

Vampire Tattoos

If your going to select a vampire tattoo you have to make sure that it's extra hot and these individuals have nailed it. The puncture wounds in the neck is a classic tat and for some reason always grabs the attention of on lookers. Blood is not my thing but I surely can respect the boldness of these selections.

Wicked tatts I reckon. The artwork is amazing. I'm gunna use some numbing cream to stop the pain though. This is a good one to use. http://deeveeantnumb.com/