Blue Green Dragon Back Tattoo

Blue Green Dragon Back Tattoo

You have to be strong to get a Blue Green Dragon Back Tattoo because not only does it take a long time but it will hurt like hell when you commit to getting it. Normally you see these on Japanese men but occasionally like you see here a woman steps up to the plate. The red fire is a great touch to make the color pop.

Now this tatt is quite large. To cover an area like this with a numbing cream, I reckon you would need two tubes.


3 Responses to “Blue Green Dragon Back Tattoo”

  1. PatriciaIsOnlyOne says:

    Oh ppl it’s so freakin hot!

  2. Tyceayonna says:

    That thing is tight yo

  3. Jim says:

    Awesome! where can I get the stencil?

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