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Amy Winehouse Tattoo

Amy Winhouse and her tattoos that are on her arms and stomach are wild. My first question is how many times was she stone cold drunk of high when she was getting the tattoos. This singer stays in some type of controversial media converge dealing with drugs and alcohol. She is very talented but do [...]


Justin Timberlake Tattoos

Many days has passed since Britney Spears has had sex with and seen the Justin Timberlake Tattoos. Since those days of old the two stars have done some pretty wild things. They have both had great success though in the music business. Justin has even been allowed to sport his tattoos in a couple of [...]


Keith Urban Tattoos

Oh yeah if you like Country Music I’m sure you have seen the Keith Urban Tattoos on his arms. Women absolutely love this guy when he bares those tats on stage while playing that guitar and singing their favorite song. If you catch him on a good day ladies he may take off his shirt [...]