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Update on TattooLoaders, redesigning the site, and deals on numbing cream

Hey Guys, How's it goin' It's been a little while since I updated things here at But not to worry. I've been talking to a buddy of mine over at Deeveeant Numb. They've got this new cream out to numb your skin if your getting some work done. We've all seen similar products no doubt. [...]


Sexy Cherry Tree Tattoo on Arm

Here is a picture of a very sexy cherry tree on the arm of a hot chick who obviously is not afraid to get low with the hair. All women can't rock a haircut like this but she pulls it off well. Reminds me of Kanye West girlfriend the model with the extremely short hair. [...]


Cherry Tattoos

When women go searching for cherry tattoos they are not really looking for the fruit they want to see the very detailed cherry blossom trees that tattoo artist are known for. If you search our website you can find some very bright red and time consuming tats of cheery trees and all.