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Black Flower Pantyline Tattoo

Ooh Wee you just gotta love a great pantyline tattoo and this black flower says very clearly that I am a woman that is into feeling sexy and that's that. This tat has an Aztec feel because it's black but the flower totally softens it up. You would never think these two designs would go [...]


colorful flowers tattoo

The thing about colorful flowers tattoo is that they are mostly on women. Yeah you get a couple that appear on men but they have a lot of estrogen in them. Either that or they are gay. No man I know with two real nuts full of testosterone is rocking a flower tat filled with [...]


tattoo rose design

Looking to get a tattoo rose design on your ankle or breast like most other women do. Those are the main places that females opt to get an inked image on their sexy bodies. The colors that seem to be picked the most are red and yellow. I’m not sure if that’s because they are [...]