Jamie Foxx Tattoos

Jamie Foxx Tattoos

Jamie Foxx Tattoos

Jamie Fox tattoos. The actor/Grammy winning singer. I like celtic tattoos but you have to be careful when you are a star actor because it limits your future roles. Jamie even placed a tattoo on his head and that’s just an entirely different level of brave and independence. I’m not sure how long celebrity tattoos will be in style but for now it’s the in thing to do.

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  1. scott g says:

    jamie was on conan o’brien tonight and was rocking a tattoo on the back of his head… if i’m not mistaken ray and jarhead came out a couple of years ago unless he has a tattoo on the back of his head for his role in the soloist… which i doubt. and the original blurp is right… actors need to watch out at how many tattooes they get and what they are bc it does limit their roles. make up can only do so much and directors will only tolerate touching up so much in the studios…

  2. Quentin D. says:

    Just saw Jamie Foxx on Conan 10-12-09 and the tattoo on his head is gone. Thank God, I thought it looked redunkulous.

  3. shotwell says:

    the tattoo on the back of his head is real. the other tribal work on his arms, chest, and back were drawn on him for one of his music videos. i think it was for the unpredictable video, but i’m not 100% sure. The only way that the one on his head is fake is if he pays someone to draw it on the back of his head in the exact same spot whenever he appears on tv.

  4. Morphine Malya says:

    Tattoos no longer limit what roles actors’/actresses’ can get nowdays. If Hollywood can make people blue and 8 feet tall, they can cover up a little body art.

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