rihanna tattoos

rihanna tattoos

rihanna tattoos

Okay here we go with another crazy celebrity this time it’s rihanna tattoos that have people scratching their heads. Pon De Replay launched her into the stratosphere for Pop music women and then she got edgy. Star running down the back of her neck have people asking her is she okay. That’s just the obvious ink though. Rihanna has tattoos on her finger, arm and her hip area per the photo leaked. The hip tat is sexy as hell too. Chris Brown who is another tatted up singer must love looking at that.

What does Rihanna know about Tattoos that you don’t?

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  2. Teyana Marshall says:

    RiRi how many tattoos do you have babe? thats a lot of tattoos but i like them though. they look nice on you.

  3. carloss says:

    i love u riri and i love your tattoos

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